Video Animations

Video Animations

Professional 2D & 3D Animation Services

Whether you need to explain complex topics about products or services or educate customers/ employees, we at Convergence Lanka are prepared to deliver what you need using the latest animation techniques and tools.

Our Services

Quality animation and professional editing skills allow us to compile the best possible animation for you

Logo Animations

We provides modern animated options to make your company’s logo resonate with viewers and leave a memorable representation of your brand.

Title Animations

We can animate your titles with stylized effects to personalize title sequences for creative moods, silhouettes, and composition.

Explainer Video Animations

We can tailor your animated explainer videos to better position your products and services, educational content, or deliver complex topics with lively characters and bold typography.

Whiteboard Animations

We can turns illustrated drawings and text into stories with versatile whiteboard animation with limitless potential that acts as an effective marketing, educational, or instructional tool for explainer videos.

Product Animations

We can animates your products to help your company display important product characteristics to inform customers and entice them to purchase.

2D & 3D Animations

We uses advanced modeling & editing software, realistic rendering and innovative approach to create 3D/ 2D animations that appeals your audience.